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Leave the dirty work to the experts at Belcore, after all, we're trained and licensed chimney sweeps!

Since you're not 'Bert the Chimney Sweep' from Marry Poppins, you may not know when your fireplace and chimney are safe to operate, and that can be dangerous. We're here to help.

Be it fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, or water heater chimneys, a thorough inspection should be top of mind when going through the maintenance of your appliance. By finding and fixing issues when they are minor you can save yourself from major damage over time.

Homeowners of Winnipeg and surrounding areas can be assured that Belcores' WETT certified technicians are there to help make every step of the process painless.

Has it been a while or you simply don't remember the last time you had an inspection? Give us a call.


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